How to Exercise Because You Love Your Body – Not Because You Hate It

‘Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it’, is a piece of advice I’m always handing out.

It’s easier said than done, I know.

Thought patterns are hard to kick. What’s more, a lot people are reluctant to change their mindset simply because, often subconsciously, they believe that giving themselves a hard time about their bodies is the only way they’ll stay motivated to do what takes to get fitter, healthier and/or slimmer.

Whilst yelling at yourself about how fat or out of shape you are might seem an effective way to push yourself into exercising, in reality it’s a terrible strategy.

Not only does it make you feel crappy, it doesn’t even work.

You might be able to shame yourself into a workout or two that way.  But, in the long run, that negative self-talk is highly demotivating and usually perpetuates a cycle of lethargy and comfort eating.

It takes a bit of effort and some “internal work” to make the shift. But, trust me, once you start to exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it, you enter a wonderful new realm of motivation and good feelings.

People see someone else in good shape and think, “It’s alright for them, when you’ve got a body like that it’s easy to motivate yourself to exercise”.

Have you ever considered why?

What this is saying is that if you’ve got a body you feel good about it’s easier to motivate yourself to exercise.

Problem is, people decide not to give themselves permission to feel good about their bodies until they’re a particular shape or size.

This is getting it backwards.

You need to start working on feeling good about your body now. Appreciating the body you have is going to help keep you in the right frame of mind to take good care of it – which is going to lead to you getting fitter and healthier.

I know it’s not easy, especially if you’ve spent years hating on your body, or you’re desperate to get your body back to how it once was, or body-shaming yourself has been the only thing that “worked” to motivate you in the past.

But let’s get real. And let’s get some definite intention to change your mindset.

To move forward you need to accept it’s time to change how you think about your body.

Face it, if you’re not happy with your body your current strategy is not working for you.

You need to let that negativity go and take a new approach.

It won’t sink in right away, you’ll just have to keep reminding yourself of the rational reasons for your new way of thinking.

Fully accepting that your thinking needs to change is a major leap. Don’t underestimate it.

You may feel a bit empty at first and unsure what to replace that negative internal chatter with. Don’t panic. Give yourself time, you’ll find a better, more helpful way to talk about yourself to yourself.

The best piece of advice I can give you, and this is what has worked for me, is to learn to appreciate what your body can do.

Whatever condition you’re in, there will be someone out there who would swap bodies with you in a heartbeat. Think how much they’d appreciate your body if it was suddenly theirs.

If you have any physical ability to exercise at all, that is huge – do not take it for granted.

If you can simply walk, that’s an amazing gift.

Enjoy it.

There may well come a day when the physical prowess we currently have (how ever limited) is snatched away. The best we can hope for is that it slowly diminishes with age.

In the last years of life do you want to remember how much you enjoyed your vigorous earlier years? Or regret that you didn’t move and appreciate your younger body when you had the chance?

Those of us who can exercise are lucky.

Personally, I believe we owe it to everyone who ever cared enough about us to help us get to this point in our lives to appreciate that ability.

That includes ourselves, by the way.



Self-beliefs to change the shape of your life – The Rebel Creed

When I first created what is now the ‘Rebel Creed’, it was a simple list of mantras and slogans I wanted to print out and pin up somewhere to help keep me focused on who I am and what fitness means to me.

What emerged was so powerful I couldn’t contain the urge to share it.

There’s a lot packed into this image, but you can click on it to see a larger version on my blog.

If it chimes with you perhaps you should have a printed copy pinned somewhere you’ll see it often?

Feel free to copy and save the image (and post it anywhere online if you’d like to) but I highly recommend you print a hard copy too.

There’s something about having a tangible printed copy of something that makes it more real, don’t you think?

If you’d like to get it as a poster on high quality 220gsm matt photo paper those are now available in my Rebellion Merch shop too, with 10% off until the August. Get em HERE.



Powerful stuff, eh? If you agree that this is worth sharing with others, scroll up for Twitter and Facebook share buttons or if you’d rather right-click, save and post it yourself, go for it!

But don’t forget to print it for yourself too.

…Oh yes, before I close – I’m getting a ton of interest in the next round of my Rebellion fitness program, which is amazing! I’m staying focused on helping the Rebels squeeze the absolute most possible benefit out of this current round for now. We all know how much the ‘Automatic Excuse Generator’ in our heads would love to say “don’t bother now, you can start again in a few weeks, it’ll be easier then” or “you haven’t done it perfectly so you might as bin it and start again in the next round” – both of which are the total opposite of the ethos of Rebellion!

So I’m not going to announce the date yet, but for those who are keen to join the ride, yes it will be happening. Sometime in the Autumn. Date TBC. Plus I’ll be throwing in a few extra goodies. But more on that later (add your email address to my news list to get an alert)…

For now, remember, the future you is shaped by what you do today, NOT what you plan to do tomorrow.


Some Thoughts on Online Sharing

Do you ever hold back from posting photos online or sharing news of something you’ve done because you’re afraid people will be scornful, jealous or judgmental?

I hear a lot from people who’d like to post more pictures online to share their fitness journey, and lives in general, but they’re afraid of being judged. Often it’s because they feel like they’re out of shape or have excess fat on their bodies and they’re worried about what people think or say about that.

It makes me sad to think of all the inspiring images and stories lost to us because of that.

Guys, the unfortunate truth is that some people will judge us and think and say nasty things about us whatever our bodies look like. It never goes away. Believe me, when you’re lean and fit there’s definitely no shortage of people wanting to criticise your body, your photos and the way you choose to live your life.

Sometimes I wonder how many people hold back from actually getting fitter and, more generally, becoming the best they can be in other aspects of life, due to fear of losing friends or being criticised by strangers.

It’s tough for sure, but we simply can’t let that fear of judgement hold us back. We don’t help ourselves or anyone else in our lives by “playing small” in that way.

When we’re lucky enough to have an opportunity to grow, thrive and enhance our existence, I believe we have a duty, not only to ourselves, but also to everyone who ever cared about us to make the most of it.

It’s not just about us, it’s about the positive impact we want to make in the world during the short time we have here. People are always looking on, in life as well as online. Think about how many times you’ve been inspired and motivated by seeing what someone else has achieved, sometimes just from a chance remark or smiling photo posted online.

It’s also on all of us to become more aware of our judgements of others. Until you release resentment towards the achievements of others you’re always going to live in fear of being resented yourself. If that’s a thought pattern you’ve got into it takes some effort to pull yourself out of it and it won’t happen overnight, but you can do it. You can learn to see someone who has something you want feeling inspired, or at least happy for them, rather than that gnawing soul-destroying jealousy. You’ll find very exciting things happen in your life when you do.

I think it’s time self-esteem and confidence becomes something we cheer, rather than deride, in others and nurture in ourselves.

It starts with each us and life is short. So I say don’t be afraid to show off about your achievements and daily progress towards your goals. I for one would love to hear about it.

Go ahead, shine that light.

It’s your duty.

And it’s fun.

New ‘Rebellion’ 12-week Body Transformation Program

The Rebellion program is the latest addition to the workout programs available exclusively to members of my online gym. I’m super-excited to kick off the first 12-week round in a couple of weeks!

In Rebellion I have combined my most effective fat-torching, muscle-sculpting techniques with some cool new moves alongside old favourites and streamlined the workouts into categories to create a fantastically flexible, time-efficient complete body transformation program.

Devised for optimal results in:

– Fat loss
– Tightening and sculpting the thighs, butt, belly and upper arms
– True athletic fitness
– Metabolism boosting

For people who want a program featuring:

– 12 weeks of results-driven workouts
– Super-simple! Just click play and follow the videos
– Progressive program which guarantees noticeable changes
– Huge variety of workouts so you never get bored
– Amazing support to keep you motivated all the way

How it works:

My most flexible program to date – you can choose to exercise from 20 to 60 minutes per session – 3-7 days per week, depending on your goals, starting point and any other training you’re combining with the Rebellion program.

Workouts are split into 3 categories:7

Sculpt – Hard body training using weights to build strength, gain lean, fat-burning muscle and boost the metabolism

Shred – Build explosive fitness and strip back the fat to reveal those sexy defined muscles in these intense sessions requiring (kit-free!)

Sustain – The most athletic results-focused elements of calisthenics and power yoga combined to increase your strength, stamina and flexibility, reduce injury risk and boost energy whilst as torching serious calories!
Choose one of each per day or combine for outstanding comprehensive results!

Also included:
– Tasty, healthy recipes4-crop
– Mindset coaching to overcome excuses
– Options from beginner to super advanced
– Regular bonus challenges to keep you focused


Want in?

First of all, you need to be a memeber of my online gym.

During this first 12-week of Rebellion the program will still be in the development phase. I’ll be reacting to feedback from participants and tweaking as the program progresses, so this is your chance to be part of it from the very beginning and to help shape the finished product.

This is why I only want people who are truly committed to staying focused on the program and doing what it takes from start to finish to take part.

If you still want to do it and you’re fully ready to demonstrate this commitment I will need the following from you:

1. Start-of-program photos
2. £50 deposit to be returned when (and only if) you send me your end-of-program photos

I will provide tips on taking the photos, which photos can be fully clothed and headless if you prefer and I won’t publish them anywhere without your permission.

I am only asking for them because I want you be very clear in your mind that you are embarking on a body transformation and you need to prepared to make changes to your diet and to exercise hard in order to see changes on your body at the end of 12 weeks.

In order to banish procrastination and get you into the “lost time is lost time, whatever the reason” mindset, I will need to receive the end-of-program photos by the deadline date (which will be a few days after the program ends) in order to refund your deposit – NO MATTER WHAT has happened during the program for you.flex

It won’t matter how much or little change you think you see in the photos, I will just need you to send them. This way you will always know that photo day is coming, which is sure to help keep focused on your results.

If you don’t take part in Rebellion, no worries at all, you can still join my online gym and do any of the other legendary fat-burning fitness programs and workouts on the site.

Rebellion starts on 15th June and will end on 6th September. The deadline for the end-of-program photos will be 12th September.

Just think how amazing it’s going to feel when you see the difference in your body in those photos and get that £50 back so you have some extra cash to reward yourself with!

Join my online gym now and drop me a message on the website once you’ve logged in if you want to take part.


Here’s a taster of just one of the new moves:

Bubble Butt Exercise Combo!


Get down on the mat and bang out these five exercises for a hard, round, hot ass!

These awesome, easy-to-master moves sculpt, tighten and lift the booty and you can do at home!

No equipment required, although once you get stronger you might want to up the ante with ankle weights like I am in the video.

Get ready to feel those buns burning!


1. All-fours straight leg lift
2. All-fours diagonal leg lift
3. Static straight leg hold
4. All-fours bent leg lift
5. All-fours bent leg pulse

This clip shows my Bubble Butt sequence from my Challenge XXX fitness prog. Get more info on Challenge XXX here:

Calorie-blasting Home Workout

I had a ton of fun hosting a training session for a bunch of lovely bloggers at Decathlon’s Surrey Quays store. The workout went down so well with the group I thought I’d share it with you here.Optimized-Photo-1

You don’t need any kit at all, however if you want to intensify the moves and make it more of a sculpting/power session by adding weights go ahead and give yourself that extra challenge. I’m really into ankle weights right now and those would make this one a killer! Or holding a small pair of hand weights would make things interesting too!

Alternatively, focus on getting the heart-rate up and torching calories by performing the moves as fast as you can with good form.

At Decathlon, we used a 40/20 interval protocol for this (40 seconds per exercise, 20 seconds rest/change-over), which worked well but you can play around with different timings or use a rep count target if you don’t have a timer handy.

The moves:

  1. Standing mountain climber
  2. Ski abs
  3. Lunge Kick R
  4. Lunge Kick L
  5. Push up
  6. Thai plank R
  7. Thai plank L
  8. Back raises
  9. Burpees
  10. Tuck abs
  11. Hindu push up
  12. Russian twist

Here’s how:

Standing mountain climber

Standing upright with your elbows bent at 90 degrees in front of you, reach up with your right arm, while at the same time lifting your left knee toward your chest. Quickly switch sides so that your left arm and right leg are lifted, as if climbing up a wall. Continue “climbing” for 40 seconds, then rest.

Ski abs

Start in a high plank position – hands flat on floor beneath your shoulders, arms extended and torso and legs stretched out in a straight line down to your toes. Hop both feet up toward your right shoulder, then return to original position, keeping your feet together throughout. Repeat, hopping up to left. Continue to switch sides for 40 seconds, then rest.


Lunge kicks

Standing upright with feet hip-width apart, step forward with your right leg in a lunge position – thigh parallel to the floor, knee bent but not extending beyond your toe. Then push off from your left foot, squeezing the glutes, and kick the left leg forward at waist height while straightening the right leg, before swinging back into the lunge position. Repeat for 40 seconds, rest, and then repeat on the other leg.



Lie on your stomach with hands flat on the floor beneath your shoulders and toes curled under. Squeezing your pecs, lift your body off the floor by extending your arms – try to keep your torso and legs in a straight line throughout. Lower yourself back down and repeat for 40 seconds.

Thai plank

Start by lying on your side with your upper body raised off the floor, supported on one elbow with the forearm flat on the floor. Lift your hips so that your body is in a straight line from shoulders through toes, supported on the bottom elbow – this is side plank position. Raise your top arm above your head and then bend your top knee and elbow towards each other (aim for them to touch, but just get as close as you can). Repeat for 40 seconds, then switch to the other side.


Back raises

Lie face down on the floor with palms planted flat beneath your shoulders. Continue to look down and keep your neck extended as you gently curve your back upward to raise your shoulders and upper torso off the ground. Slowly lower down and repeat for 40 seconds. As you get stronger you can do this move with arms extended downward and off the mat, and can even add light hand weights.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then squat down (bend your knees, don’t just bend over at the waist) and place your hands on the floor just in front of your feet. With your weight on your arms, jump your feet backward so that your legs are extended in a push-up position (see above); then jump them back forward into the squat position before standing upright once more.

Ab tucks

Lie on your back with knees bent and pulled in toward your chest. Engaging your abs, roll your upper body off the mat, being careful not to strain your neck, and grasp your knees with your hands. Keeping your abs engaged, extend your legs while simultaneously reaching your arms above your head; then pull your knees back in and grasp them once more.

Hindu push-up

Assume the basic push-up position described above, then bring your feet forward while keeping your limbs straight so that your body makes a triangle shape with the ground. Then bend your elbows and slide your torso down and forward to bring your hips close to the ground. Gently curve your spine upward until your arms are straight, then lower down and repeat.


Russian twist

Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lean your upper body slightly back so that your abs are engaged. Clasp your hands in front of you and twist your torso from side to side so as to lower your hands toward the floor on either side. Continue for 40 seconds, then rest.


Once you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear how you got on, come talk to me on my Facebook page or Twitter.

I recommend you include this circuit about once per week as part of a training schedule also including strength work with weights and other types of cardio.

Once you’ve done it three weeks running you have my permission to head down to Decathlon and reward yourself with some lovely new gym clothes 😉

Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #5

This is final session in my 5-day Fat Burn Bootcamp.

But really it’s only the beginning. I have given you plenty of options to advance the exercises in these workouts so I hope you’ll repeat the programme at least a few times so you can experience the amazing changes that happen when you give your body the opportunity to adapt to and progress in this way of training.

I mentioned at the beginning that I’m wondering whether to produce more videos like these. So please tell me what you’ve liked about this series, what has made the most difference for you and what you’d like me bring you more of. You can let me know via the social media links at the foot of this email – as always, I’d LOVE to see your photos too.

I really want to share this continuing journey with you and to keep following your progress. It’s often a few weeks into a training routine when the most exciting changes usually occur, so bear that in mind and stay focused through the weeks ahead.

The difference between people who succeed in their fitness goals and those who don’t is usually all about consistency.

The key is not to only exercise on days when you feel all pumped and motivated, but to resovel to train whether you feel inspired to that day or not.

You know, progress doesn’t really care whether you feel motivated or not, it only cares that you do what it takes to manifest it.

Just keep getting it done and not only will the results come, you’ll feel inspired more often too.

My final tip is this: Hang in there. You’ve got this.

You know what you need to do. Let’s get on and do it.

Don’t forget to come see me when you’re done!


Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #4

I love lower body workouts! The muscles in legs and butt body are large – trust me, even if you’re not very well-muscled, those muscles are the biggest you’ve got – and that means firing them up requires a lot of fuel… And you know what that means, right? Fat burning of course!

Plus, you’re sculpting lean, hard, shapely muscle tissue. Like everything in this programme, we’re working on much more than making our bodies look slimmer and sexier here, the type of training you’re going to do today will help you stand, walk, sit and move better in a very short period of time.

What’s more, these exercises could make the difference between you being dependent on other people to help you around in your twilight years and having full mobility and the freedom and independence that brings. Even if that’s a very long way off for you, the sooner you start getting your body strong and training good movement patterns, the better.

For most people though, the main motivation at this stage will be those changes you want to see on your body over the coming weeks and months. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Summer is coming and you probably want to look good on in your swimwear on the beach or in shorts or short sleeved tops around town – awesome!

I’ll show you how to start earning that right now.

Today’s tip is a reminder that none of us were born able to do these exercises or with defined muscles, those us who have achieved those things had to consistently do what it takes to earn them. It doesn’t come for free!

So lets get on and earn it.

Don’t forget to come talk to me when you’re done!



Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #3

Workout 3 is here! Today we’re using one of my favourite ways to train – intense weighted intervals interspersed with all-out cardio.

I have found this to be a super-effective method for blasting fat and building explosive fitness. It’s also a lot of fun!

The variety of exercises means the session flies by. It also works pretty much every muscle in the body, which means you torch major calories and get serious sculpting benefits.

I am loving hearing from you on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s just amazing to know you’re out there, smashing out these sessions and that you’ll very soon be seeing and feeling the rewards.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced some benefits – haven’t you found that taking this on has made you feel a tiny bit better about yourself and your future?

It’s so important to notice and appreciate those small changes in mind and body. And to share them with others too, you never know who you might inspire!

Today’s tip is: Stop comparing yourself to others!

Comparing ourselves to others is rarely helpful in the fitness journey. We each have a unique body, different backgrounds, starting points and many other factors that will affect our progress.

The important thing is always going to be doing the best we can and if we’re making progress that can only ever be a win and is always to be celebrated!

Think about how your got measured by your parents when you were growing up. Did they stand you against a wall and make a mark to show your height, or maybe pull out a tape measure and make notes in a book?

One thing I’d happily bet on is that they didn’t get you to stand next to another child who was also growing and expect to gauge your rate of growth that way!

Our heights level out, but we never stop growing in other ways and it’s never at exactly the same rate or in exactly the same way as others. So do measure your own progress, but don’t try to do it by comparing yourself to others, simply note down those markers that show you’re a little “taller” than you were.

Let’s get to work on that right now.

Don’t forget to let me know how you’re doing afterwards. You never know who you might inspire!


Beginners Fat Burn Bootcamp: Workout #2

How was yesterday’s workout?

I’m mega-keen to hear how you’re doing during these first few days. I’m considering bringing you more of these free beginner videos and I really need your feedback to help me decide whether to make them and what they should include. So don’t forget to post your pics and comments for me online.

Today I’m going to introduce you to some of my favourite exercises for firming and sculpting the upper body.

I recommend you use weights for today’s exercises if you have them. If not, you can improvise with same-weighted pairs of items like water bottles, books, or whatever you have around.

For optimal results good form is essential, so even if you’ve done some of the exercises before, please listen carefully to my instructions.

I’m not here just call out instructions though, there are many other messages I’d like to whisper in your ears as we share this journey together…

Today’s tip is: Think strong!

We often talk about our bodies and minds as though they are separate entities but this is an illusion.

The mind is part of the body and the body is fully controlled by the mind. What affects one, always affects the other. Change one and you’ll change the other.

As people get stronger in their bodies, they invariably find they also gain mental strength. In the same way, thinking strong thoughts helps us sculpt strong, fit bodies.

When you come to pick up those weights today don’t say to yourself, “I’m too weak” or even “I’m not sure if I can do this”, those thoughts will not help you at all, release them as soon as they appear. Instead repeat yourself “I am strong”. Because you are.

Believe me, you’re stronger than you think. And you’re about to start proving it.

Don’t forget to come talk to me when you’re done!



Getting it done.